Realign me

February 28, 2007

Anyone who’s frequented my blog may notice i’ve changed the title and deleted a good number of posts.  Even if you didn’t notice, well i did.  This is because i’m starting to feel cluttered by how complicated i’m making my life, and so decluttering my blog is one step that i’m taking in getting realigned.   

 There was a time in my life when my faith was so simple and i didn’t question this or that, i just accepted the trials as they came knowing they were necessary and for my good.  it seems that i’ve become overly focused on the details and lost sight of the main idea.

i’m trying to realign my focus back to Christ.  i can’t convince one of His authenticity by my words, but i do become personally convinced when i give His ways a chance in my own life. 

 So my thoughts are being drawn back to His life and His words these days.  It’s just more peaceful there.