i was at a bus stop recently with another American.  There was a Korean lady sitting next to us who suddenly got up and walked off briskly.  The American i was with said “i bet she knows something we don’t know”.  Turns out she was right.  i felt sort of like that today as i was walking downtown here.  It was a pretty narrow squeeze where i ended up walking behind a really old man.  He was practically standing still!  i tried to pass him but the sidewalk was too narrow.  So, i went onto the road to get around him.  i say this man was walking so slow because i’m not even that fast of a walker usually.  i mean i guess you could say i’m about medium paced.  In fact, when i passed the man, shortly thereafter  i heard someone gaining on me as a girl around my age walked past. 

Anyhow, i got to thinking: does this man know something i don’t know?  i mean he’s definately been around a lot longer than me.  Granted his body is well failing him as anyone’s body tends to do with age.  So i guess the question should be why does time slow us down?  Why are things designed that way?   Also, i wonder, even though the man can’t much help it that he walks so dadgum slow, i wonder if he sort of sighs at all of us rushing by.