Learning never ceases

June 23, 2008

Hyegang said that all affairs in daily life were objects of earnest learning.  If one abandonded these affairs and sought learning elsewhere, one’s learning would become void.  Through affairs, sin-gi shows the truth of things, achieves knowledge, and nurtures and trains itself.  Without affairs, sin-gi is unable to display its omnipotence. 

 Korean Philosophy Its tradition and modern transformation


Benevolence, righteousness, civility, and wisdom are formed around corresponding conduct.  Therefore, benevolence can be achieved only when one loves others; before this love, benevolence does not exist.  After one commits a good act, one can recognize righteousness.  Before he so acts, righteousness does not exist…How can it be asserted that benevolence, righteousness, civility, and wisdom are inherent in human mind, like seeds in a peach or apricot?

Korean Philosophy it’s Tradition and Modern Transformation p. 363