There’s a certain Christian friend i have who is so full of joy.  The only thing is, this person is also full of disdain for any religion besides Christianity.  i had a conversation with him tonight.  

He wants to one day evangelize to buddhists in tibet.  i asked him how he would go about evangelizing to a buddhist.  He said he would say “i hope you become a Christian.  Why don’t you come to church with me?”  Seems harmless enough i suppose, but i think it would take the moving of a higher power, or a lazy minded response from someone for them to consent to such an invitation with no questions asked. 

aside from that, he began to explain to me how people in this country still worship their ancestors.  He went on to say how ancestor worship started with Confucianism (i question the validity of that claim).  He said that Confucians are hypocrites.  Reason being, when their parents die, they build a tent by their grave and mourn over them for two or three days, usually against their desire.  He considers this not only to be idolatry, but also hypocrisy because these people didn’t honor their parents during the lifetime of their parents. 

i sat their smiling and nodding the whole time, but inside i was cringing.  To disregard a religion or a philosophy b/c it’s nominal practitioners are hypocrites is what causes so many avoidable divisions among people. 

i didn’t get the chance to question his reasoning b/c our conversation was interrupted. 

i just wonder; this man is so happy and seemingly full of peace.  However, his reasoning is an aid to avoidable divisions.  And yet, he’s still full of peace.  i can see it in his eyes. 


i wonder

June 9, 2007

i wonder, first of all, if anyone will read this after they realize that it is concerning a bible character. 

That tends to be a bit of a turn off b/c it seems like oftentimes, whenever we humans talk about our knowledge of the bible, we suddenly get the view that we are somehow closer to God than the next person.  

i hate that.  i think biblical knowledge (or any religious/philosophical/any information really) which one didn’t know before tends to be to humans, what the ring was to humans in lord of the rings.   it’s so divisive.  we start to act like we invented the idea or that no one else in existence has ever come across the idea.


(at the risk of getting puffed up in my bible character analasys),

i wonder

 what would Christ have said to peter choosing to be crucified upside down?  i mean, when he tried to ask Jesus to wash not only his feet, but his hands and his head Jesus’ response seemed to be indicating that what peter requested was unnecessary.  Jesus didn’t consent to Peter’s request from what we’re told.  

peter’s first reaction was refusing that Jesus wash his feet.  When Jesus indicates that he will have no share with Him if his feet are not washed, peter then asks for his whole body to be washed.  Jesus then explained that this would be unnecessary.  And so, he didn’t consent to peter’s redundant request. 

so, i wonder.  peter, requesting to be crucified upside down, b/c he was unworthy of the way his Lord was crucified, i wonder if that act was of any merit whatsoever.  i wonder if Jesus would have tried to spare him the pain.  (if indeed it is more painful to be crucified upside down).

Then again, he is the disciple who recognized that Jesus was the Christ.  Peter had a God given awareness of the divinity of Jesus.  So, maybe his request to be crucified up side down was as close to a true comprehension of the significance of Jesus and his death as one can get.