aaragon focuses on the now.

 saunas; the feeling of going from the hot to the cold to the hot and so on ahh.  7/4/2007 

 i only had to pay seven bucks for a haircut i like. 7/5/2007

 the internet.   7/7/2007

 thisvideo (the kid is autistic)

 i have a job which i can enjoy 7/8/07

 i could see progress i’m making towards a goal today. 7/10/07   

 roomate gave me some fresh watermelon slices.  Yum! 7/11/07

 tomorrow i have a break! 7/16/07

 i can walk across the street to buy groceries. 7/17/07

i have a friend who can be happy just because i am happy.   7/18/07

 the way rain smells. 7/19/07

 my church family gets together 6 days of the week.   to have a certainty that i can spend time with people who bear with each other is just comforting.  7/25/07

 i got to play a kids game with a couple of 8 year olds and laugh with them just for the sake of laughing today.  7/24/07 

 a bunch of brazilian soccer players hug each other after one of them scored a goal.  7/26/07

 march around to a kids sunday school song in the disguise of being a “teacher”. 8/6/07

my housemate made me corn!  8/8/07

 swimming today and i had my own lane! 8/9/07

all of my middle school students said goodbye to me after class.  i think a trust is building between us.  8/16/07

i have a/c! 8/12/07

i got free lunch today! 8/18/07

i can see the mountains from my bathroom window! 8/20/07

i sang and played praise songs on guitar with people from my church.  So sweet 8/26/07

 frozen asian pear juice 9/5/07

 a break from teaching late night class today! 10/12/07

chatted with my aunt 2/27/08

silkworm chrysalis’s with rice and sesame oil and boiled veggies and spices 2/28/08

barley tea 3/3/08

birds chirping outside my window 3/4/08

ginger tea  3/5/08

being tired when I go to bed at night 3/6/08

boiled eggplant 3/7/08

the humor in how this sounds like a master card commercial 3/8/08

jasmine tea 3/10/08

cozy sweater 3/11/08

springtime 3/12/08

trust 3/17/08

green feathers 3/19/08

 hearing music 3/20/08

friends who stick with you through the good and bad 3/21/08

second chances 3/22/08

 1 Corinthians 3:16; putting lotion on my face  3/26/08

being rebuked by someone who believes in you 3/31/08

the sound of rain to soothe you to sleep 4/7/08

(when taking him for a walk) waiting for a dog as he smells something and then him waiting for me as my pace is slower than his 4/14/08

experiencing what you sing about 4/21/08

pomegranite vinegar juice 4/28/08

mini oranges you can eat like grapes 5/5/08

someone more advanced joyfully stooping to bring you to their level 5/26/08

playing the minor scale 6/2/08

he ran excitedly 6/9/08

my father’s tender closing of our conversation 6/16/08

sitting on a rock by the quiet riverside 6/23/08

experiencing reconciling 6/30/08

recieving what I asked God for 7/7/08

He wants to know that I like Him? 7/14/08

housemate helping me cook and giving me cucumber kimchee 7/21/08

breakfast 8/4/08

a man I don’t even know gave me $10 certificate to a restaraunt and told me God loves me 8/11/08

eating raisins from a teacup with chopsticks  8/18/08

kimchee, oinions, chives, sauted in soybean oil, then eaten with boiled pumpkin and pumpkin leaves 9/1/08

student practicing for his speech confidently starts a conversation with me, wants to interact with me  9/9/08

the rice plants are bowing again 9/15/08

Elisha was a human just like us 9/22/08

snuggling into a blanket on a cold night 9/29/08

she chose to worship 10/6/08

football in the dark on the turf by my house 10/27/08

fire in my bones waiting to be stirred up 9/16/09

trusting physics; having the guts to accelerate through the curves on a curvy road 9/17/09


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